How to Be A Success in Engineering College

Engineering is definitely one of the toughest programs so I must first congratulate you for getting in. Now that you are in, you are probably stressed out, burnt out and unable to figure out why your grades are so ugly even after you have worked for more than 6 hours every night on your course work. Let me give you some answers and help you be a success in engineering college.

After a couple months in first year engineering, I learned something very valuable. The reason why I was spending more than 6 hours a night doing homework and still failing to get good grades was that I was a hard worker, not a smart worker.

I used to spend hours upon hours doing homework, I used to include things that they didn’t ask me to include and miss out on things that were critical to the assignment. And, it’s not like I didn’t read the assignment. I always did. But, I just didn’t know this little secret..

Only do what is asked for and do it well

If you stick to this little piece of wisdom, you will save yourself a lot of heartache, a lot of stress, a lot of time and most importantly, you will save your grades.

Always highlight the main components of the assignment. If the assignment descriptions are not clear enough, ask your professors for clarification. Always make sure you understand the assignment and the requirements for all the major components of the assignment. It pays to ask a lot of questions to confirm that you have the correct understanding about what is needed and how the information is to be presented.

Once you have that, just focus on what is asked. Do not waste a lot of time researching or writing about something that is not a clear requirement of the assignment.

You can even get assignments from “seniors” so you know exactly what is required. Do not copy down their answers but look for the components they have, the mark they received and the feedback they got. This little exercise in itself will transform you from a hard worker to a smart worker and allow you to rescue your GPA.

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